Windows Screenshot 2022.03.07 -

Cirrata is a rogue-lite, metroidvania inspired, action-platformer.
You play as an anthropomorphic red panda named Kier.

You were once a great chef but your self destructive life style and an unfortunate event forced you away from your adored culinary venture.
You have been isolated from the world for many months. Finally, after an intense vision causes you to burst out of a stupor, you decide to stumble through the mess that has accumulated around you. You open the door to see a very unfamiliar world.
You begin to explore the foreign territory outside, the world has been inhabited by strange hostile creatures. You are compelled to explore the surrounding land…

-You are armed with your always dependable chef knife. You will also come across many other tools to aid you in battle such as small throwing knives, cleavers, and hammers. All with unique three stages of power.
-Harness the power of the foods and liquid Spirits you find along your journey. 
-Battle elite enemies, mini bosses, and large scale main bosses. 
-The more food items you encounter and consume the more power and ability you will gain. 

get the demo here. game by Aaron Ingersoll. music by hearbenji